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Station Eleven Project Installation at the ICB Building Gallery, Sausalito , CA.

The Exquisite Gardeners are excited to install one of their masses of matter and magic within the hallowed walls of Gallery 111 inside the historic Industrial Complex Building ( " ICB" for short ) , in lovely Sausalito, California. This building, constructed for the shipbuilding requirements for the war effort in 1942 now houses a collection of artists and studios. Thus the softer but no less vital wars of the mind and heart continue here with the tools of paint and brush and hammer and chisel. 

For the first time in our youngish history, we Gardeners are interpreting a novel as a basis for our installation. The book, Station Eleven, by a Canadian writer, Emily St. John Mandel, is a dive into a post apocalyptic world , where a band of creative survivors make a brave journey through the land, keeping the embers of hope alive with art, notably, theatre and music. As we Gardeners trade in the alchemy of turning junk into precious things, this seemed like a good place to try something new. 

A team of local Gardeners, with the lead genius Sam Dantone coming down for Oregon to help move us forward, will be hammer and tonging it from September 11 until the opening on September 29th.

We have invited the artists in the ICB to throw in their two cents worth the last couple of weeks of work. Of course , as is usual, the process described is written in pencil, so that it can be erased, changed, scribbled over, and torn apart into who knows what.

One thing we do know is that the "who knows what" will be something the likes of which Sausalito has never seen!